3 thoughts on “An ICO to Witness: Exscudo (EON), Metacoin

  1. I envy your big fat wallet but gravely speaking, this would spell some trouble for you! Under the law of succession, the spouse is entitled to 50% of all your assets and savings. This would mean that your wifey is entitled to half of the contents of your big fat wallet! Unless you’re okay with being unfair by not announcing all of your holdings, you don’t have a choice here. The pudoroso way is to give what she is entitled to.

  2. Tell if I am the true holder of any cryptocurrency coins. if they managed to speld you on your Bitcoin savings then attempt to send them to a mixer the very first chance

  3. Well if your playmate don’t have any idea how many btc you have te a pocket then it will be a good assets to fix some violated lumps ter your divorced proceedings, Just let them go and make sure things will be substitute dual or triple when the time passed by. Since bitcoins are not yet regulated by government, I guess your btc are exemptions for conjugal property.

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