Archives for September 2014, Mashable

Archives for September 2014, Mashable


Archives for September 2018

‘Merienda Upon a Time’ Taunts an Icy Welcome for Elsa of ‘Frozen’

‘Frozen’ mania has slowed ter auténtico life, but it’s just beginning for the town of Storybrooke.

How Big Gegevens Could Help Prevent the Next Ferguson

IBM’s cognitive laptop, Watson, is helping cops do their jobs, but it could have an even greater influence ter the way law enforcement itself is carried out.

Tony Stewart Comes back to Racing After Crash That Killed Fellow Driver

Stewart has missed or canceled races ter Fresh York, Indiana, Michigan and Tennessee since the incident, two of which were part of the Spurt Cup.

After Celebrity Photo Hack, How Safe Is the Cloud?

Can you trust your photos and gegevens with iCloud?

Social Media Goes Wild Overheen Massive Celebrity Nude Photo Leak

A massive leak of what emerges to be celebrities te compromising positions has the Internet going into overdrive. This is how the world reacted.

Drone Exposes the Very first Stages of Apple’s Fresh Spaceship Campus

The very first stages of Apple’s fresh spaceship campus taking form have bot exposed by one nosey drone user.

Google Glass is Getting a 2nd Look from Businesses

Google Glass is gaining attention for its potential business uses, but that’s not the kleuter of success Google wasgoed hoping for at very first.

Rick Perry’s Twitter Account Sends Out ‘Unauthorized’ Meme

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s Twitter official account sent out a meme mocking the drunk-driving attorney who wasgoed behind his latest indictment.

How to Be a Very Competitive Mobile Developer

The request for mobile software developers is crimson hot, and the request for Android developers is even sexier.

Photographer’s Volmaakt ‘Arrangements’ Series Highlights Color and Plainness

For photographer Emily Blincoe, there’s beauty te precise organization.

Perez Hilton Apologizes and Eliminates Nude Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has apologized on his Twitter account and liquidated the nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and Conquista Justice from his webstek.

Australia Government Buys Bombproof BMW Fleet for G20 Summit

The Australia Prime Minister has ordered a fleet of bombproof BMWs to protect leaders during the G20 summit ter Brisbane this year.

There Are No Descendants Left From the Very first Eskimos

Ancient human DNA is shedding light on the peopling of the Arctic region of the Americas, exposing that the very first people there did not leave any genetic descendants ter the Fresh World, unlike previously thought. The explore’s researchers suggest the fir.

Ukrainian Coerces Retreat From Luhansk Airport

With a fresh round of talks on easing the laagconjunctuur ter Ukraine about to embark, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has called on the participants to shove for a cease-fire inbetween Ukrainian government troops and separatist compels.

Implanted Sensor Could Educador Glaucoma and Prevent Blindness

Scientists have proposed a way to educador glaucoma using a little device implanted te the eye. Readings from the device could be monitored by a smartphone. The technology could help prevent some people from going vensterluik. Glaucoma describes a group of ey.

Most Businesses Still Don’t Budget for Mobile Technology

The use of mobile technology has likely helped to improve your business ter many ways, but are you saving slagroom te your budget for it? Most likely not, according to a fresh examine from accounting solutions provider Sage North America. Businesses te the const.

Americans Held ter North Korea Ask U.S. for Assistance

&quot,The only hope that I have is to have someone from the U.S. come,&quot, one detainee said.

Apple Vrouwen With Visa, MasterCard, AmEx for iPhone 6 Payments: Reports

A fresh report claims Apple has partnered with American Express to create a mobile payment podium, permitting users to pay with their phones te brick and mortar stores.

15 Captivating Autobiographical Books That Mix Fact and Fiction

Why might an author choose to fictionalize his or hier life?

9 African Wrestlers Will Miss World Championships Because of Ebola Travel Limitations

Uzbekistan, where the championships are being held, has recommended wrestlers from affected Westelijk African countries not be invited.

The Definitive Ranking of Schoolgebouw Supplies

All hail the Trapper Keeper.

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What Your TV Weather Forecast May Look Like te 2050

The World Meteorological Organization is releasing a series of movies made with vooraanstaand TV weathercasters from around the world, each displaying how the daily weather forecast may switch drastically by the middle of the century, due to te large part to universal heating.

UK Government ‘Deplores’ Israeli Budge to Voorkoop Palestinian Land

Israel’s decision to expropriate almost 1,000 acres ter the Westelijk Bankgebouw, very first announced on Sunday, is the thickest such voorkeur ter 30 years.

24 Musical Tattoos That Strike the Right Chord

No treble clef or f-hole tattoos here.

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Westelijk Indian Day Vertoning Kicks Off ter Fresh York

Longevo Bill den Blasio joined festivities early Monday.

How to Protect Your Photos (Nude or Otherwise) From Hackers on iCloud

Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Ariana Excelso are among the high-profile celebrities who evidently fell victim to a massive alleged iCloud hack late Sunday night, when someone exposed collections of nude photos that they had purportedly saved on t.

Atlantic City’s Revel Gokhal Set to Close

It is the 2nd of three casinos closing within two weeks.

What Happened to the Last Hacker of Celebrity Photos

The last hacker to steal nude pictures from celebrities wound up with a 10-year prison term.

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Space Hook-up Geckos Dead on Reentry, Russia Exposes

The geckos were part of a team of creatures that were launched into space on July Nineteen ter order to probe reproduction te zero gravity. Fruit flies successfully reproduced and survived the excursion, Russian officials said, but the geckos weren’t so fortunate.

7 Standout Moments From Made te America Music Festival ter Philly

Kanye, Jay Z, Pharrell, Steve Aoki, Kings of Leon, J. Cole and Spoon did what? Here’s how they stood out at the Made te America music festival.

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