Beware of the following Cloud Mining Services! LCM Reviews – Leverage Cloud Mining

Beware of the following Cloud Mining Services! LCM Reviews – Leverage Cloud Mining

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Do not Believe The bid-offer effortless Tantalize

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Start to think intelligently and cautiously. Especially if you intend and determine to buy a contract mining. Do not lightly believe that the other person deals. Especially if it offers no referral verbinding.

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The point is, if the mining companies are not permitted hashrate you have purchased to be taken directly to the mining pool you want, then most likely they do not do the mining themselves. And it outlines will end the scam. Because basically there is no reason to hide the address of mine.

If the mining cloud service providers actually do mining, mine of course they have the contemporáneo device. At least, it can be seen from the photo pictures mining instruments at their disposition. On the other arm, even this picture is basically also can be faked. So, it can be said, any photo can not be used spil proof of ownership of the mining hardware.

IPO is an initial share sale of a company to investors. Te the purchase of mining contracts, a company that does not limit the number of sales limit of its hashrate to observe. Unless the mining cloud operated by the ASIC vendor or other vendors.

Spil mentioned above, thesis referral programs to see. Especially if there is an offerande referrals profit up 10% or maybe more than that. And also ask customers to socialize on social networks. Basically, the company would be very difficult to pay for itself. Such programs are mostly used spil a marketing strategy for its operations to be able to walk longer. Most concepts Ponzi use more of this kleuter of program.

Endorsement is the transfer of the rights to others on securities that can be transferred or (negotiable muziekinstrument). Te the case of Bitcoin mining, this endorsement is the support of the mining equipment vendors. Typically the vendor will be enough to appreciate their active customers. And make a sort of free advertising to help the business growth of its customers. Meantime, if the mining company did not have the support of the vendors need to be aware also that the company does not truly have the contraptions to mine.

If you eventually determine on a makeshift contract you can not sell the contract, then you will not be able to get your money back. This sort of thing is a common and used ter a Ponzi scheme that could run longer.


If the webpagina operators hide behind privatization Whois provider (WhoisGuard), or does not provide the credentials to see.

If there is a webpagina that provides large profit percentage warranty, it is necessary to be wary of. You can disregard the other things if you find thesis points. Moreover, if the warranty bid up to more than Ten to 20 procent, or maybe more than that. Basically there is no amount of profit that can be onveranderlijk or immobile.

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Note: All that wasgoed brought admin and written by admin Below is the truth based on practice, and some of thesis sites have also proven from the review sites big sites like Bitcoin Review and Bitcointalk .

Bitcointalk Bitcoin community, mentioned discussion of some cloud service providers mining companies are already collapsing and leaving the user, even they are disabled sites intentionally spil guiltless of the user. Some of thesis sites include:

  13. Terabox.mij

Trio. Cloud Mining Scam Sites & Proven Not Paying

Based on admin practice, here are a mining scam sites and do not pay user, be careful to invest bitcoin on the webpagina below, because they do not pay at all.

  1. Coinmining.mij

Ter addition to a scam webpagina above, there are also sites fake paying usenya, but only merienda after the initial deposit by the user, they did pay but only merienda and that too with a number of bitcoin withdrawal minimal on their webpagina, it can be said to be a scam, because the user let alone the caudal has not returned a profit

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