Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Attention! due to EXTREME blockage of the network, bitcoin payouts will be done twice a day, at 1 PM CET and at 6 PM CET, but with much higher miner toverfee so that transactions reach you quicker

How does it work?

Process of buying BTC

Our process is very elementary and semitransparent. Just choose the amount of BTC you would like to purchase, click “buy bitcoins now” and proceed with the purchase. When the transaction will be finished – you will receive your bitcoins.

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Digital currency risk warning warns that buying and holding digital currencies such spil Bitcoin carries several significant risks including but not limited to the following:

  1. Risk that your digital currency will lose much or all of its value. Digital currencies are still a fresh developing area, both technologically and financially, and thus their value can budge utterly quickly within a very brief time. advises that you only store amounts ter digital currency that you can afford to lose.
  2. Risk that your digital currency wallet can be compromised by persons or organizations that can steal your funds. Depending on your wallet provider of choice, there may be no recourse or possibility of insuring your digital currency funds.

Is it safe?

It is totally safe. Our system is written using the latest security measures. Wij work only with trustworthy payment solution providers so you don’t have to worry about anything.

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How does it work?
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Risk warning

Trade te goods and products, including posible currencies, entails significant risk.

Unit prices may be subject to considerable fluctuations ter brief periods of time.

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Due to such price fluctuations, the resources may go up or down ter value and even become worthless.

There is inherent risk that purchases, sales or trade on the market will result ter losses. The trade ter and possession of cryptocurrency involves extra special risk which is not commonly collective with official currencies.

Note that Bitcoin is a special kleuter of technology-supported currency and is based on mutual trust. There is no central management authority that could make decisions which could influence the stabilization of the rate of aparente currency or could take corrective act te order to protect the value of Bitcoin during recession.

However, Bitcoin is an autonomous, largely unregulated general settlement system. Therefore, it is more indefenso to irrational (or rational) speculation or loss of confidence and that may exert significant influence on the shaping of unitary supply and request.

The confidence te Bitcoin may pauze spil a result of unexpected switches such spil: unfavorable procesal regulations, banning electronic permitido tenders, introducing the prohibition on trading ter potencial currency te specific areas, imposing high taxes, creating competitive alternative currencies, deflation, and other factors which may significantly affect the shaping of the exchange rate of Bitcoin against other currencies.

Prior to the purchase of the currency, one should meticulously assess whether the current financial standing and tolerance to unforeseeable risk permit for making the purchase or sale of, or trade te cryptocurrency. Funds which are not permitted to be lost should not be spent on trading te currency.

The finalization of a transaction is irreversible. The purchase or sale merienda accepted can not be reversed.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

  1. There are both positives and negatives ter hiding the Bitcoin holdings. If you hide them, then the divorce proceedings may go on for 5-6 years (or even more) and you may not be able to spend your coins. Even after the divorce is finalized, you may not be able to spend your coins for the next 2-3 years. But if you expose your holdings, then 50% of that is going to go to your spouse.

  2. Wij’ll very likely commence to hear about more than a few cases of crypto and divorce ter the near future. If you’re ter the wrong country, ie America, UK and a few others, then your money, and crypto is part of that, being forcibly reallocated is a given.

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