Accomplish IPv6 support te both LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient.

Accomplish IPv6 support te both LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient.

LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient are cross-platform C libraries that permit you to lightly implement VNC server or client functionality te your program. If you don’t know VNC and what it’s good for, read about it here.

To give an example, the simplest server looks like this:

This sample creates a 400×300 framework buffer ter true colour. There are Four bytes vanaf pixel, because Three (which are only used instead of all Four) is such an odd number. Then the server is initialized and a blocking event loop is commenced.

Of course, this program only shows rubbish (whatever is ter the framework buffer you malloc’d) and does not do any error checking at all, but it proves that writing a server can be very effortless.

For more in-depth information (especially if you want to write a verdadero server or client) look into the provided examples and into the documentation for LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient.

LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient are free software licensed under the GPL. If you use them, you voorwaarde adhere to the terms of th GPL.

Looking for help or want to participate ter the active development of LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient? Subscribe to the libvncserver-common mailing list.


LibVNCServer 0.9.11 released!


LibVNCServer 0.9.Ten released!


LibVNCServer 0.9.9 released!

  • Added noVNC HTML5 VNC viewer connect possibility to our http server. Unspoiled JavaScript, no Java plugin required anymore! (But a latest browser. )
  • Added a GTK+ VNC viewer example.

– LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient:

  • Added support to build for Google Android.
  • Accomplish IPv6 support ter both LibVNCServer and LibVNCClient.

– LibVNCServer:

  • Split two event-loop related functions out of the rfbProcessEvents() mechanism. This is required to be able to do zindelijk event loop integration with Qt. Idea wasgoed taken from Caldo’s libvncserver fork.
  • Added TightPNG encoding support. Like the llamativo Taut encoding, this still uses JPEG, but ZLIB encoded rects are encoded with PNG here.
  • Added suport for serving VNC sessions through WebSockets, a web technology providing for multiplexing bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels overheen a single TCP connection.
  • Support connections from the Mac OS X built-in VNC client to LibVNCServer instances running with no password.
  • Substituted the Taut encoder with a TurboVNC one which is tremendously quicker ter most cases, especially with high-color movie or 3D workloads.

– LibVNCClient:

  • Added support to only listen for switch roles connections on a specific IP address.
  • Support for using OpenSSL instead of GnuTLS. This could come ter handy on embedded devices where only this TLS implementation is available.
  • Added support to connect to UltraVNC Single Click servers.


LibVNCServer 0.9.8.Two released!


LibVNCServer released!


LibVNCServer version 0.9.8 has bot released today!

Thanks to all that contributed!


LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient now have a fresh webstek (inspired by the FFmpeg one) including API documentation.


LibVNCServer now sports a brand fresh method to extend the protocol, thanks to Rohit Kumar! He also extended the library to support RFB Three.7. Furthermore, he contributed TightVNC verkeersopstopping transfer protocol support to LibVNCServer!


LibVNCClient now features ZRLE decoding!


Another round of valgrinding finished. This time it is augmented by switches instigated by using Linus’ sparse. Te the course, the finish sources were converted to ANSI C.


The member socketInitDone wasgoed renamed to socketState, and no longer contains a bool value. This permits us to abandon a server cleanly from the event loop via rfbShutdownServer(), so that the structures can be cleaned up decently. This is demonstrated te examples/example.c.


The function rfbMakeMaskFromAlphaSource() applies a Floyd-Steinberg dither to approximate a binary mask from a cursor with alpha channel. A demonstration can be found ter test/cursortest.c.


Renamed this pagina to reflect that LibVNCClient is actually very usable.

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Karl Runge has done awesome work to support cursors with alpha blending! You can attempt it with x11vnc spil ter CVS, or wait a few more days for x11vnc to be released officially!


Blessed fresh year! It commences with a fresh macro recorder based on LibVNCServer/LibVNCClient using perl spil script language. The macro recorder is itself written te perl, and writes out perl scripts, acting spil a VNC proxy, so that you can connect a vncviewer to it, and it records all your input, possibly looking for a certain button, pic, word, etc. before continuing. I called it VisualNaCro, and it’s ter CVS.


Just before christmas, a fresh release! Version 0.7 brings you the very first non-beta of LibVNCServer.


Ultimately MinGW32 support. I only had problems with a vncviewer which wouldn’t connect to localhost: I use SDLvncviewer.


LibVNCClient is getting better and better. Expect a very powerful client soon!


LibVNCServer has automated test, thanks to LibVNCClient (included). It doesn’t do ZRLE yet, and exposed some bugs, the only remaining of thesis is CoRRE (not sure yet if it’s a bug ter the client or the server).

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The API wasgoed cleaned up. The structures and functions now have a prefix (mostly “rfb”, sometimes “zrle” or “sra”) ter order not to clutter the namespace, while the structure’s members don’t need such a prefix.


I eventually came around to fix mouse behaviour ter QEMU’s VNC frontend for Windows 98. Please find the patch here. If mouse behaves strangely, attempt to wiggle the pointer to a free spot on the desktop, klapper Ctrl+Shift and release them. After that, the mouse should behave nicely.


After silently being added almost a year ago, libvncclient’s API wasgoed modified for verdadero use, and three examples were added: ppmtest (a very plain demo), SDLvncviewer, and vnc2mpg (which lets you record your VNC session to a movie). Automated regression tests of the libraries are planned.


x11vnc-0.6.1 wasgoed released! This reflects the long way the llamativo, puny example has gone, improved ter many possible ways and having a broad user colchoneta.


Some patches were created for QEMU, a Rapid! emulator by Fabrice Bellard, to control those sessions with a vncviewer.


LibVNCServer is listed spil a project using Valgrind!


Version 0.6 is out! x11vnc vertoning boosts! You no longer need a c++ compiler ter order to have ZRLE coding! LinuxVNC wasgoed added (This is to the text console what x11vnc is to X11)!


rdp2vnc is ter rdesktop’s CVS.


A preliminary patch for rdesktop (CVS) to make rdp2vnc, a translator from Windows Terminal Server’s protocol to VNC’s protocol, is available. It needs a fresh version of libvncserver, attempt CVS until I release 0.6.


Version 0.Five is out! Features include autoconf based configure, rpm package (YMMV), cleanup of directory structure, Fresh x11vnc! ZRLE encoding! HTTP tunnelling through LibVNCServer’s HTTP support! Many bug fixes!


Version 0.Four is out! Thickest feature: NewFB encoding. Finta a few bugfixes also (Thanks to all!).


A fresh version of rdesktop+vnc is available! (Includes support for other platforms keyboard mapping with plain rdesktop!)


Added a listig to my homepage at the end.


I released the rdp2vnc extensions spil well spil patches for caudillo keyboard treating, working inwards Xvnc and process_text2 (the famous “font:” error) to rdesktop. Please find it on the download pagina.


A snapshot of LibVNCServer and RDP2VNC is now available. You can also download the diff against rdesktop-1.1.0. rdp2vnc also contains the patches for keyboards other than PC keyboards, and you can specify “-k fr” again.

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The prerequisites:

  • The usual C compiler with headers and stuff.
  • For the more advanced VNC encodings: zlib and libjpeg development packages.
  • If you want to attempt out the provided client example: libSDL development package version &gt,= 1.Two.0.

To configure the source:

On Unix/Linux platforms, just the usual:

Or, if you checked out the source code repository directly instead of using a release tarball:

If crosscompiling for Windows using MinGW (The WINVER define ‘unlocks’ some newer features of the Win32 TCP/IP stack. The LDFLAGS setting permits building of DLLs provided you have ws2_32.dll available ter your linker path.):

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