How to buy Monero (XMR) – a step by step guide

How to buy Monero (XMR) – a step by step guide

Monero is a cryptocurrency focusing on private and censorship-resistant transactions.

Monero is electronic contant that permits quick, cheap payments to and from anywhere te the world.

This guide is not, and should not be regarded spil ‘investment advice’ or spil a ‘recommendation’ regarding a course of activity.

Note: Pictures can be clicked to see a larger version. If you’re confused by any terms used, a glossary can be found here.

Very first wij need to install a wallet on your rekentuig to store your Monero coins. Wij recommend the official wallet downloaded here.

Choose the onberispelijk wallet for your operating system, download the opstopping, unzip it and install the wallet.

Your laptop may ask you to approve the wallet connecting to the internet through your firewall. You voorwaarde agree to permit it access for the wallet to work.

Merienda the wallet is open, it’ll ask you to choose your language.

The Monero wallet will now give you some options. Choose ‘Create a fresh wallet’.

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On the next screen you’ll be asked to name your wallet. This can be anything, but make it something that will be evident to you ter the future.

The wallet will be displaying your private seed. It’s very significant to copy this seed somewhere safe and private (think numerous outer hard drives and/or USB drives that you waterput somewhere safe). Anyone with access to this seed can open your wallet from any pc.

You will also have the option to switch the default place where your wallet will be saved on your laptop.

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It’s up to you if you switch this, but make a note of where this wallet folder is being saved- it would be wise to back it up after this guide (again, think numerous outward hard drives and/or USB drives that you waterput somewhere safe).

Merienda you’ve saved your seed etc. press the right arrow button.

Now you’ll be asked to input a password for your wallet. Make this secure but also something you’ll remember- you don’t want to leave behind it and lose access to your coins/money!

Merienda you’ve waterput your password te twice, press the right arrow button.

You’ll be introduced with a summary of your fresh wallet.

Click ‘Use Monero’

The wallet will now commence.

You may be asked to permit access through your firewall again. You vereiste permit access for the wallet to work decently.

The wallet will now set about synchronizing with the Monero blockchain.

This can take a while. The blockchain is now overheen 13 gigabytes. Feel free to leave your pc running overnight for it to finish downloading.

Gratefully, you can still receive Monero coins while you’re waiting.

Click the button ‘Receive’.

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You’ll be introduced with an address (a very long line of numbers and letters)

Keep your wallet open spil wij’re going to need the address soon.

Now wij’ll purchase the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, so that wij can exchange it for Monero (if you already own Ethereum you can skip ahead).

Choose which Ethereum exchange you’d like to use (by clicking on the logo), and the guide will proceed:

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