NEX – neonexchange – Crypto ICO Reviews

NEX – neonexchange – Crypto ICO Reviews

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NEX – neonexchange

What is NEX?

Neon Exchange (NEX) is a decentralized toneelpodium on the NEO blockchain that applies a publicly verifiable offchain matching engine to treat trading volume and support ingewikkeld orders (such spil limit orders) that are not possible on existing DEXs. NEX will be the very first exchange to utilize NEO, NEO Gas and its own NEX token spil cojín pairs to trade NEP-5 tokens.

2018 is the year of decentralized exchanges. DEXs can never be shutdown or get klapper by any regulatory agency. The potential for decentralzied exchanges is enormous. DEXs permit users to retain control of their funds, spil trades are mediated by clever contracts on a blockchain, but on-chain computation is generally too slow to keep up with high volume order books.

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To solve this punt, NEX is going to use off-chain matching engine. Orders are signed and sent from user addresses to the matching engine, where they are quickly and deterministically processed using high-performance hardware. Matched orders are then signed off-chain and committed back to user accounts on the blockchain.

Below you have an extract of their whitepaper how the matching engine exactly works:

Te addition, NEX will be using an automatic matching engine (which is semi-centralized) to reduce arbitrage opportunities and to permit for more elaborate trade orders.

The Toverfee Structure

It is more detailed te Three.6 of the whitepaper.

To sum it up, the toverfee structure will divided into maker/taker fees, with makers (users who waterput the trade order up) having a 0% toverfee to encourage liquidity, and takers (users who take up the order) having a 0.13-0.25% toverfee depending on the trading volume they generate.

NEX announced there partnership with RedPulse (RPX) at the beginning of February

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Spil part of the partnership, Crimson Pulse (RPX) will be the very first NEP-5 based decentralized application token using our verhoging. NEX will develop solutions for payment services and will collaborate with Crimson Pulse on defining standards and APIs for the delivery of thesis services.

The NEX token holders will get a share of the fees generated by the NEX exchange. For this feature the users have to stake the tokens te the NEX wallet, and they will then automatically get payouts. This is similar to the function of NEO & GAS.

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The fees received will be a meteen cut of fees across each token on the exchange. For example, if Neon Exchange is trading NEO, GAS, NEX, DBC and so on…the user would receive a share of each of thesis assets.

Overheen all 50 million tokens will be issued. which will give the holders a share of the profits generated by the payment service and exchange features of NEX. Spil the toneel grows, there will be more fees generated, and thus more payout, making the token inherently more valuable.

  • Project name: Neon Exchange (NEX)
  • Token symbol: NEX
  • Token type: NEO Blockchain / NEP5 token
  • ICO Token Price: 1 NEX = 1.00 USD
  • Fundraising Aim: 25,000,000 USD

12th of March

NEX opens registration for the token sale lotteries

Ter the very first round, wij will conduct lotteries among all registered users to select participants for the token sale. The very first lottery will select up to 25k participants to contribute up to $1,000 each. A 2nd lottery will select participants from the remaining users to pack any gaps left by participants who failed to register or wished to contribute under the maximum individual limit.

  • To register for the lotteries you will need the following:
  • An email address
  • The very first Trio characters of your passport number
  • The country issuing your passport

30th of March

31th of March

Very first 25,000 lottery winners are announced on our webpagina. Winners of the lottery will receive a number that identifies them uniquely te the KYC process. This number can be reproduced from a user’s registration information using a deterministic algorithm that wij will publish at that time. KYC process opens for winners of the very first lottery. All lottery winners will be required to go through our KYC process.

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