Aion Online: The Official Fantasy MMORPG Webstek

Aion Online: The Official Fantasy MMORPG Webstek

Daeva Dash Event

Grab your aether boots, Daeva Dash is a fresh 3v3 wedloop that pits Elyos against Asmodians for prizes and glory. Gogorunerk has discovered an island utter of treasure and is sending all Daevas there willing to assist him te gathering it.

  • Levels 51+
  • Available twice daily and four times daily for Entry Boost Pack holders.

Merienda the event embarks you&rsquo,ll be able to find Gogorunerk waiting te Norsvold and Iluma. Speak with Gogorunerk to get his quest and learn more about a mysterious island he discovered, which he says is total of treasure. After receiving his quest you can queue for Gogonerk&rsquo,s Gauntlet using the Request Entry UI at the bottom of your screen. Gogorunerk also provides a repeatable quest for Daevas level 51 or higher which provides one Greater Running Scroll (1 hour). Every five times you accomplish the quest, it gives a opbergruimte which contains one Ornate Treasure Chest Key.

Merienda inwards, there will be four different Heroes for you to convert te to. Each Hero will grant unique abilities to help during the wedloop, but only one of each Hero can be picked vanaf team.

Shield of the Ancient Hero

  • This Hero&rsquo,s abilities will permit you to persevere through the difficulties of the course.

Boots of the Ancient Hero

  • Avoiding traps, disappearing into fog, and dashing to victory is how this Hero finds victory.

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Trapje of the Ancient Hero

  • This deceptive Hero&rsquo,s abilities will let you ensnare the opposing team to zekering them te their tracks.

Hook of the Ancient Hero

  • If grabbing and disabling the opposing team is your thing, then this ancient Hero is a sure pick.

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Merienda all the Heroes are picked, the doors will open and the Daeva Dash wedloop will start! There will be many surprises along the way and lots of various terrain to cross. You&rsquo,ll need to make sure you&rsquo,re ready to leap overheen obstacles, avoid pitfalls, fly, slip, rail your special climb on, and even avoid zombies waiting to grab you! Always recall, sometimes it&rsquo,s better to take it slow and do it right to avoid any costly mistakes.

Along the way, each team will be granted points for every member that crosses the various checkpoints, and reserve points for crossing the finish line. At the end, the team with the most points will be victorious. The winning team will receive six Common Keys each while the losing team members will each receive three. Every participant will also be granted Abyss Points based on their team&rsquo,s score.

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At the end of the wedren, alongside the Common Treasure Chest, you&rsquo,ll find the Ornate Treasure Chest, which can only be opened with Ornate Treasure Chest Key. If you&rsquo,re looking to stock up on keys head overheen to the store to top up your supply here.

Also included ter Daeva Dash will be a ranking system for the players with the most points, and every week the top racers will receive toegevoegd prizes.

For a utter list of prizes head overheen to the forums here.

Grab your most aetherletic friends, spread those wings, and practice your hopping abilities because Daeva Dash won&rsquo,t be here for long! Gogorunerk and his Old Teleporter will be leaving April Legitimate!

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