Earn money on the Arctic Coin

Earn money on the Arctic Coin

Earn money on the Internet

and create passive income sources.

Wallet Arctic Coin

Arctic Core v0.12.1.Two (Trio/6/17, Five:56 PM)

Wallet Arctic Core – is a client program, through which you can receive, store and send your coins ARC. For more information on the use of wallet can on this pagina.


Maximum protection against hacking, can not be the same cryptocurrency to spend twice spil each transaction is carried out ter one direction only and not subject to canceling.

Low toverfee

The absence of taxation and ondergrens commissions for ended transactions, independent of the amount of the transaction and territorial affiliation.

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Goldmine knot – limitless and safe opportunities for earnings. Coins that are ter your wallet can be profitable without transfer to third parties.

Goldmine Knot prizes

Profitability of Goldmine Knots is carried PoS Mining (Proof of Stake). Each fresh block up to 50% is given spil a prize to the holders Goldmine Knots

  • Current number of Goldmine Knots: 1 216
  • Daily profitability*: 0,36 (0,04%) ARC
  • Monthly profitability*: Ten,66 (1,07%) ARC
  • Annual Profitability*: 127,89 (12,79%) ARC

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* – specified gegevens at 50% of the PoS mining.


Where is represented Arctic Coin









Specification of Arctic Coin

  • Date of launch:
  • Without publication of the source code (generation genesis block – 24.07.2018 @ 00:00:00 MSK (GTM +03:00)) launch July 27, 2018
  • Switching the source code of the purse before publication – August 2018
  • Hashing algorithm:
    • Prior to the publication – Scrypt
    • Open source code – X11
    • Block prize is managed by: 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2)
    • Block generation: Two.Five minutes
    • Confirmations of transactions using InstantX:

      Five seconds

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    • Difficulty Retargets using Dark Gravity Wave
    • The annual decrease te the number of issued coins: -7%
    • Estimated number of Arctic coins: 60.000.000
    • Decentralized Goldmine Network
    • Superior Transaction Anonymity using Spysend
    • Prize prototype:
      • miners – 45% of the awards for the fresh blocks,
      • holders Goldmine knots – 45% of the awards for the fresh blocks,
      • project development – 10%.
      • 3 thoughts on “Earn money on the Arctic Coin

        1. There are both positives and negatives ter hiding the Bitcoin holdings. If you hide them, then the divorce proceedings may go on for 5-6 years (or even more) and you may not be able to spend your coins. Even after the divorce is finalized, you may not be able to spend your coins for the next 2-3 years. But if you expose your holdings, then 50% of that is going to go to your spouse.

        2. If the hypothetical wifey or spouse wasgoed an asshole and don’t know about the fat BTC wallet I wouldn’t give any satoshi to this person. If it wasgoed something you have built by yourself on the internet and this person didn’t help you anyway, why to share the Bitcoins?

        3. Nothing maybe she will come back if you specie out every bitcoin and throw the money on hier face maybe she will even go into bitcoin with you then and then you both can make bitcoins together.

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