Falcon Mundial Caudal Offers To Buy The FBI – s Bitcoins – Business Insider

Falcon Mundial Caudal Offers To Buy The FBI – s Bitcoins – Business Insider

$14.8 million today.

Stapper has reached out to the US government on behalf of Falcon Total Hacienda with an offerande to buy the Bitcoins. One estimate pegs the FBI spil possessing inbetween 5% and 10% of all Bitcoins out there.

Stapper told Business Insider that “[the FBI has] not given us a yes or no yet. However, our lawyers are making calls daily to go after up on this. Wij have secured backing from a group of private investors to purchase all 27,000 Bitcoins for 15% below the daily value.” (The FBI might be tempted by a below-market-value opoffering te terugwedstrijd for the convenience of offloading them all at merienda.)

“Wij are youthfull, greedy, and, antsy to pack the gap inbetween Wall Street and Bitcoin,” said Stapper. “This is not your ‘promedio’ investment fund.”

Here’s the letterteken that he sent to the FBI and the US District Attorney te January:

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To whom it may concern:

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My name is Brett Stapper and I am the co-founder of Falcon Entero Haber. Wij are a freshly launched US based hedge fund that secures and holds Bitcoin investments for accredited investors.

I have followed the case of the Silk Road forfeiture since it occurred and recently read the update of the US government’s intention to liquidate the investment. While it seems unknown which means you will liquidate the Bitcoins through, I wished to voeling you directly to find out more about the liquidation.

Our company, Falcon Mundial Haber, is ready to suggest 15% below market value for the purchase of the harshly 27,000 Bitcoins you are presently holding.

Ter order to progress with our suggest, wij would require a letterteken of intent and no more than 90 days to secure caudal with our investors for the purchase.

If you are interested te discussing more ter depth, I will gladly come to your offices or you can reach mij directly by email at xxxxxxx@FalconGlobalCapital.com. If you were not interested or able to sell the Bitcoins directly, I would gladly consultatie [for] the US government, free of charge, on the best and most profitable ways to liquidate such a large amount of Bitcoins.

Falcon Integral Caudal bills itself spil “the world’s very first Bitcoin investment fund with insured protection,” storing investors’ Bitcoins ter “an insured Bitcoin vault.” Stapper says, “Wij have a contract with [UK-based digital currency company] Elliptic stating they will hold all the fund’s Bitcoin assets. Thesis Bitcoins are stored te their Cold Storage security which is insured against all thefts and hacks. The funds are insured for daily value of the Bitcoins.”

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Let’s be clear &mdash, Bitcoins are susceptible to theft. “Bitcoin insurance” that operates spil described could be worthwhile depending on how you use the currency.

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  1. According to law, A spouse and wifey will split all their belongings into half upon their divorse. If you think you will be divorse with your spouse someday then dont tell anything about your crypto hehe.

  2. All depends on the country or region you leave or referring to for such laws or contract doesn’t exist te my country. Based on laws te my country, the lady ter question will have nothing to benefit from my assets except some assets that are ter hier name.

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