The 12 Best Answers from Gavin Andresen – s Reddit AMA

The 12 Best Answers from Gavin Andresen – s Reddit AMA

Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen took to Reddit today to engage the community ter an ask-me-anything (AMA) session that tackled a multitude of topics both ditzy and serious.

Ter his postbode kicking off the session, the 47-year-old chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation detailed his contributions to the bitcoin space so far.

Thesis included the nine Bitcoin Improvement Protocols (Kont) he has written, including multi-signature transaction support and the Payment Protocol, plus the thousands of lines of code he has added to Bitcoin Core.

The extended session, however, focused mostly on the future of bitcoin, with Reddit participants asking for Andresen’s insights on what they can do to help spread the use of bitcoin and what he sees spil the thickest challenges that remain for the technology.

Here are some of the top questions and answers from the AMA session:

1: Noobies

Q: (Beaucoin) – What can the media noobie do to help spread adoption of this fantastic technology?

A: Use it. Don’t be too pushy about talking about it, but do let people know that you’re enthusiastic about it. Think about who you’re talking to, and tailor your message to what you know they care about (low fees? waterput bankers out of business? take control of your own finances?)

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Two: Obstacles

Q: (Sorcery-Sorcery) – What is ter your opinion the fattest obstacle for bitcoin at this ogenblik? What do you think would be the most significant multiplicador ter bringing bitcoin to the masses? Where do you see bitcoin is five years?

A: Obstacle/factótum: getting to where people are earning bitcoin directly, instead of having to hop through some opeenstapeling to trade the currency that they earn for BTC.

Bitcoin ter five years: uhhh. 2019. I left my crystal ball ter my other glaze pocket. I think it’ll either vanish and become an under-the-covers ledger system that Joe-ordinary-consumer never sees. Or it will be the de-facto currency of the Internet (prices still quoted te your lugar currency, but payment te bitcoin always accepted).

Three: Bitcoin kerkban

Q: (David722) – If a country were to “geobsedeerd” Bitcoin, how could that be enforced? Is it possible for bitcoin internet traffic be blocked at the ISP level (or any other)?

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A: It would be enforced the same way banning any activity a government doesn’t like is enforced, with fines and jail sentences for anybody found doing the thing they don’t like.

They would most likely commence by making it very difficult to exchange bitcoin for the national currency via banks.

Unencrypted bitcoin traffic would be pretty effortless to block at the ISP level, but it is also pretty effortless to voetgangerstunnel it through Tor, which is stiffer to block. But talk to the Tor folks about that, they know a entire loterijlot more about blocking internet protocols than I do.

Four: Hopes and fears

Q: (PaulCapestany) – What are you presently most excited about with regards to bitcoin development? And, conversely, what are you presently most worried about?

A: I’m most excited about all of the non-currency uses of the block chain’s ledger-ordering capability. I have no idea which ones will turn out to be successful, but I’m glad all of that experimenting is happening. I’m most worried about scalability.

Five: From proef to established

Q: (Piper67) – You’ve long bot a voorstander of the “Bitcoin is an proefneming” line of thinking. While that is technically true, so is “Gravity is just a theory”. What needs to toebijten for you to switch from “bitcoin is an proefneming” to “bitcoin is established”?

A: Wij need regulatory clarity, ease of use and no-single-point-of-failure security. I think wij’re very close on all of those things.

6: Socks

Q: (bitcoinoisseur) – What wasgoed the very first physical thing you paid for with bitcoin?

A: Very first physical thing. uhh, it wasgoed either alpaca socks (the alpaca farmer is Ten miles away across the sea from mij here) or Crimson Sox tickets purchased from a friend.

7: Non-financial

Q: maraoz – What are your thoughts on non-financial transactions or uses of the bitcoin block chain? (e.g counterparty, colored coins, proof of existence, etc.)

A: I’m excited about the possibilities. I think a loterijlot of projects unnecessarily mix up the various services the block chain provides, and attempt to make it do things it is not good at doing (like storing gegevens).

I think the best projects understand that they don’t need to invent a fresh currency. They don’t need to use the block chain spil their long-term gegevens storage solution. And they don’t need to use the peer-to-peer (p2p) network spil their communication mechanism. They should use the block chain spil the world’s most secure distributed ledger.

8: Hard fork

Q: (NedRadnad) – Do wij indeed need to hard fork the chain to achieve scalability? When do you project on making the fork?

A: Yes, I think wij do. There is still at least a month or two of work before I’d be willing to write a patch to increase the maximum block size, and then very likely a month or two more of arguing. So, early next year at the earliest before even beginning the hard-fork process (which voorwaarde roll out to miners – they will control when the fork actually happens).

9: Onvriendelijk

Q: (Aviathor) – The eight quebrado spaces of bitcoin stand te the way of the “ease of use” te my modest opinion. What do you think? Thanks for your time. (sorry for bad English)

A: I think everybody should switch to talking ter “onvriendelijk” (millionths of a bitcoin).

Ten: CIA

Q: (FreeMarketAnarchist) – Have you bot ter voeling with the CIA at all since your famous meeting? Do you think Satoshi will everzwijn make voeling with you or the caudillo public again? How do you feel about Andreas Antonopoulos, specifically his latest talk with the Canadian Senate?

A: No, I toevluchthaven’t talked with the CIA or InQTel since my infamous talk. I don’t know if Satoshi will everzwijn reappear. Andreas did a fantastic job at the Canadian Senate! He should do the TED talk.

11: Other projects

Q: (bubbasparse) – What are some of the most titillating code implementations/projects/companies that you’ve bot keeping an eye on?

A: I’m excited about the Trezor (and hope the Mycelium people get their hardware wallet working soon). And watching the spread of bitcoin ATMs, because getting BTC is still a knelpunt for ordinary people.

12 : Fresh title

Q: (bitbeliever) – For how long will you stay on spil chief scientist?

A: I dunno. I’m embarking to get tired of the title, maybe it should become “Head Cheese (Technology)”.

Note: the Reddit comments were left unedited to retain the llamativo style.

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