Bitcoin Mine Review – Another Pathetic Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin Mine Review – Another Pathetic Bitcoin Scam

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Bitcoin Mine Review – Another Pathetic Bitcoin Scam

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018 @ 12:33 pm

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There is a fresh type of Bitcoin scam ter town called Bitcoin Mine. This webstek is hosted at, and it has all the markings of a scam webpagina. Lots of things have attracted our attention te this webpagina, hence wij felt that there wasgoed need to review it and warn investors before they can burn their wallets.

The very first eis that wij do no agree with is that Bitcoin Mine is getting special access to Bitcoin servers and that they are able to take advantage of that information before everyone else. They voorwaarde be very fortunate, don’t you think?

The webpagina also claims that with Bitcoin Mine system, people make at least 7,598.15$ vanaf day because the system mines Bitcoin and makes millions round the clock.

Obviously this kleintje of announcement is nonsensical. It’s erroneous and blatant. No one has access to the Bitcoin servers. Unless you are a magician who is indeed to commit evil by manipulating the flow of Bitcoin currency, wij do not see how this can be possible ter the vivo world.

Let’s go ahead and review the surplus of the webpagina.

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When wij landed on that webpagina for the very first time, it almost looked like they were promoting Binary Options. Ter fact, right now wij are predicting that the popularity of Bitcoin software will go up significantly te the next duo of months.

Bitcoin Mine system is just the beginning. What they are promising is unlikely to make no matter what. Spil wij have said before, no one can build up access to the Bitcoin servers. If it wasgoed effortless to manipulate Bitcoin, people would be billionaires by now. The problem is that folks are still broke because they toevluchthaven’t figured a way to manipulate this digital coin. It is not going to be possible today and te the future.

Any webpagina that claims to have a secret of mining Bitcoin for profit is certainly a scam webpagina. Bitcoin Mine just confessed it through their presentation.

Let’s take a look at this webpagina ter caudillo. If you look at it, the very first thing you will see is a YouTube movie hosted and introduced by someone who clearly pretends to be the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

This movie is dark, the presenter is slightly visible, plus they are wearing a bondage mask and dark shades to hide their eyes. The uur you witness it, the very first thing that will go through your mind is the photo of a secret hacker on the internet whose job is to blackmail people into parting with large sums of money te form of Bitcoin. They are synonymous with this zuigeling of dressing, isn’t it?

Not only is this unethical, but it is also making the entire thing look suspicious. Ter fact, the movie starts off with some writing at the bottom of the screening siting that privacy of Satoshi Nakamoto is imperative, which is why he is hiding his face te this movie while he speaks to would-be investors through the clip.

The question is, why would Satoshi Nakamoto, a very successful man want to manipulate what he created back te 2009? Why would he want to manipulate it to forearm overheen effortless money to everyone who wants to make millions of dollars?

The system does not work like that. Te fact, you’d not find this man hosting a presentation te a shady webstek like this one. It just doesn’t look vivo.

Te fact, what they are doing here is known spil impersonation. Bitcoin Mine webstek is committing the crime of impersonation which can attract a fat fine if they are caught.

Already they not following code of ethics for doing business on the internet. This is a crimson flag that warns of the fact that if you give them your Bitcoin, they will steal it instead of mining it for more profit. This, wij can assure you.

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This also raises the question of legitimacy of Bitcoin Mine webstek. Who possesses this webpagina? And why exactly are they hiding from visitors who come here looking for information?

You can be sure that wij conducted a background search to establish who possesses this webpagina. Wij succesnummer a dead end by the way. Their registration doesn’t expose thesis details, meaning that the possessor of this webpagina is up to no good.

Wij generally feel comfy investing with sites that are fair and semi-transparent. Ter this case, a stranger is asking you to deposit money ter Bitcoin so they can mine more BTC on your behalf before handing overheen profits to you. And wij are not talking of just profits. Wij are talking of thousands of dollars vanaf day, which the webpagina claims it will arm overheen to visitors on a daily poot.

Already wij’ve lost trust on this webstek because nothing implies that they are genuine. There is no evidence at all that the holder of this webpagina can be trusted.

”Project Bitcoin Mine Phase 2” is just embarking – a false bedachtzaam

What thesis guys are doing is to create fake request for their product. Te the auténtico sense, no such investment is going on here.

There is nothing like 100% free Bitcoin mining software. You won’t get it. And of course thesis con artists are not ”spreading the millions” to the world. It’s a lie.

Customer testimonials – are there any?

Bitcoin Mine is a very fresh webstek. It wasgoed launched just a few weeks ago. Their idea seems rather ambiguous. They optie that the reason why you should invest with them is because they know when Bitcoin is about to be bought or sold. They evidently voorwaarde that by 2020, fiat currency will be worthless. But there are presently no projections on this. World renowned economists have not said anything ter relation to the value of fiat currencies te 2020.

Maybe the value of Bitcoin will rise or fall. Or maybe spil times goes by, it might just turn out to be a fad altogether. There is no telling that the world will fully do away with fiat currencies ter servicio of cryptos te the next Four years.

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The ideas and reclame that this scam webstek is spreading is undoubtedly false and ill-advised. There is no sense at all te what they are telling the world.

And most importantly, wij toevluchthaven’t seen any testimonial about this service. It looks like Bitcoin Mine does not have any efectivo users who can talk about their practice with this ”mining service”.

This is a big problem because investors generally don’t feel convenient enough testing the waters with efectivo money. It’s one of the most dangerous ways to treat your money.

Spil it presently stands, no testimonials or user reviews have bot published anywhere te support of the Bitcoin mine webstek.

Wij’ve already seen that the movie presentation on their webstek is fake. It can’t be trusted. The people behind it are identically pathetic actors. That’s why they are hiding their faces while reading a well-planned script.

Our best advice for you

Bitcoin Mine is a scam, period. There is no sugar-coating things here when the truth has already bot manifested. If you want to mine Bitcoin successfully, use our recommended services te this list.

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  1. I’m sure most people will spouse’s will know about bitcoin it could get messy. Do you just give them fiat value banking that they will go up ter price or give them contemporáneo bitcoin.

  2. If the hypothetical wifey or hubby wasgoed an asshole and don’t know about the fat BTC wallet I wouldn’t give any satoshi to this person. If it wasgoed something you have built by yourself on the internet and this person didn’t help you anyway, why to share the Bitcoins?

  3. If I had to determine what to do about such an situation, which let’s say would occur te the next decade or so time-wise, then I would rather suggest to pay ter fiat money, unless bitcoins are acknowledged by major governments te a way that would make them a part of a divorce possession split. If that were to be the case, I’d very likely make sure not to tell my wifey about bitcoins or how it works beforehand. Sorry, it may be morally wrong, but given how modern divorces play out I would not like to end up ter a opbergruimte on the street.

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