Craig Wright Claims Corporations Need Dictate Mining – Non-mining

Craig Wright Claims Corporations Need Dictate Mining – Non-mining

The concept of mining Bitcoin has always bot somewhat controversial. More specifically, there are a lotsbestemming of conflicting opinions about this concept. There is a high degree of centralization te Bitcoin mining right now. Craig Wright, the self-professed Satoshi Nakamoto, states this wasgoed always the project. Anyone running a non-mining knot “is irrelevant|. Another controversial statement that won’t go overheen well with the Bitcoin community.

No one can deny miners have a loterijlot of “power: ter the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. They are the ones responsible for generating fresh network blocks. They also confirm network transactions, for which they receive transaction fees. Most of those mining efforts originate from China, which leads to a high degree of centralization. It is not an ideal situation by any means, however.

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Craig Wright is at it Again

Putting more power into the palms of miners is the last thing Bitcoin needs right now. Remarkably enough, that is exactly what the SegWit2x chain is all about. Craig Wright, who still claims to be the creator of Bitcoin, thinks it is frecuente miners control everything. Te his latest tweet, he hints at how corporations need to run mining rather than anyone else. A clear favoritism toward centralized solutions, to say the least. It is also another example spil to why Wright can’t be Satoshi.

Bitcoin wasgoed always designed so corporation would run mining.

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The lie you have bot fed is that running a non mining knot matters at all.

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Moreover, stating how non-mining knots don’t matter is rather troublesome. While no one denies knots are significant, they shouldn’t be run by just the miners. Moreover, no one should tell other people what to do or how to act. Craig Wright is a very strange individual ter this regard. It certainly doesn’t make him more professional te this regard whatsoever. Anyone who even remotely believed he is the creator of Bitcoin will certainly think twice about that right now.

All of this “blind faith” ter Bitcoin miners cannot be warranted whatsoever. Granted, there are people with flawlessly fair intentions out there. Most mining pools provide a valuable service. However, for a decentralized currency, this concentrate on centralization isn’t looking excellent whatsoever. Switching all of this will not be effortless whatsoever. If statements like thesis get enough traction, things aren’t looking excellent by any means. It will be interesting to see what Craig Wright comes up with next

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