Exchange Moneypak, PayPal, Neteller, Bitcoins, Wmz, Payer, Skril

Exchange Moneypak, PayPal, Neteller, Bitcoins, Wmz, Payer, Skril

Sunday, 14 December 2018

Duration of Exchange: Five to 10mins (Instant).

Remarks: Here you can Buy Bitcoins, Litecoins with Moneypak. Maximum Bitcoins you can buy is 15 Bitcoins daily.

Order Proces: Send an email to With the Subject ” MP to BTC ”. Include your btc address and the amount of Exchange. Wij shall reply within 10mins.

PayPal to Bitcoins Exchange:

Duration of Exchange: 24 – 48hrs

Remarks: You can buy Bitcoins with PayPal but Hold of some Long Hours Applies to make sure your PayPal Payments does not have any problem. Wij permit instant Paypal Trades for Very Old Clients.

PayPal Rate: Rate is $20 Usd extra to the current rate of Bitcoins spil at the time of Order.

Paypal Te Stock: $6,580.

Order Proces: Send an email to With the Subject ” PP to BTC ”. Include your btc address and the amount of Exchange. Wij shall reply within 10mins.

Duration of Exchange: 5mins (Instant).

Remarks: Here with your Neteller funds you can buy Bitcoins and Other Ecurrencies Instantly.

Neteller Rate: Rate for Neteller is the same spil the rate of The Bitcoins you want to buy. For Neteller to Ecurrency Exchange/buy rate is 1:1

Order Proces: Send an email to With the Subject ” NT to BTC ”. Include your btc address and the amount of Exchange. Wij shall reply within 10mins.

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MoneyPak To Volmaakt Money Rate: 1,000 MoneyPak = $970 Ideal Money.

MoneyPak To PayPal Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $1,000 PayPal

MoneyPak To Payza Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $1,000 Payza

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MoneyPak To MoneyBookers Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $980 MoneyBookers

MoneyPak To C-gold Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $1,020 C-gold

MoneyPak To Payorner Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $1,030 Payoner.

MoneyPak To Ego Pay Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $985 EgoPay

MoneyPak To Película del Oeste Union Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $950 Película del Oeste Union (Depends On Location)

MoneyPak To MoneyGram Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $960 MoneyGram (Depends On Location)

MoneyPak To Canap Wire Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = $970 Bankgebouw Wire (Depends On Location)

MoneyPak To Pay Safe Card Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = Ask us te Email

MoneyPak To CashU Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = Ask us te Email

MoneyPak To Ukash Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = Ask us te Email

MoneyPak To Webmoney Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = Ask us te Email

MoneyPak To Other Ecurrencies Rate: $1,000 MoneyPak = Ask us ter Email.

Order Proces: Send an email to With the Subject ” Ecurrency Exchange ”. Include your ecurrency account details, the ecurrency you have and the one you need and the amount of Exchange. Wij shall reply within 10mins.

NOTICE: The best way to get to us is by email. Send an email to and your order request will be replied to and exchange done so quick. Wij don’t delay orders here. High amounts gets excellent and good discounts. You can also do petite and low amounts.


Wij choose to use a blog after our webstek wasgoed attacked by people who were looking for moneypak codes. So wij determined to revert to Blog which is more secured without fear of being attacked and our email is also secured by GOOGLE Two Checkout Security Feature. Your exchange and business here is secured and safe.


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AUD – Australian Dollar Bitcoin exchange rate

CAD – Canadian Dollar Bitcoin exchange rate

CHF – Swiss Frank Bitcoin exchange rate

CZK – Czech Koruna Bitcoin exchange rate

DKK – Danish Krone Bitcoin exchange rate

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EEK – Estonian Kroon Bitcoin exchange rate

EUR – Euro Bitcoin exchange rate

GBP – British Pound Bitcoin exchange rate

HUF – Hungarian Forint Bitcoin exchange rate

LVL – Latvian Lats Bitcoin exchange rate

MXN – Mexican Peso Bitcoin exchange rate

NOK – Norwegian Krone Bitcoin exchange rate

NZD – Fresh Zealand Dollar Bitcoin exchange rate

PLN – Grind Zloty Bitcoin exchange rate

SEK – Swedish Krona Bitcoin exchange rate

SKK – Slovak Koruna Bitcoin exchange rate

USD – United States Dollar Bitcoin exchange rate

ZAR – South African Zoom Bitcoin exchange rate

ARS – Argentine peso Bitcoin exchange rate

RON – Romanian Leu Bitcoin exchange rate.

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