Homeless Nomad Lives Off Bitcoin, Android Tablet and a Solar Charger

Homeless Nomad Lives Off Bitcoin, Android Tablet and a Solar Charger

A nomadic man ter Spain is living off bitcoin, an Android tablet and a solar charger. The man, who dreamed to be known only by his very first name, Justas, is documenting his eighth year of homelessness, which he stresses is a deliberate choice, on reddit, YouTube and at his webstek.

When contacted by CoinDesk, 27-year-old Justas said bitcoin has overcome a major obstacle to his nomadic way of life: the capability to open a canap account.

&ldquo,Banks are a ache ter the booty for a homeless person, so I instantly embraced bitcoin!&rdquo,

The two most common ways of obtaining bitcoin are to trade it for fiat currency through an exchange, or to mine it with increasingly powerful computers. Both thesis methods present problems for someone without a voortdurend address.

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When asked how he had obtained his bitcoin, Justas said he wasgoed paid ter the cryptocurrency for freelance work spil a programmer and designer.

Justas said his technology requirements are fulfilled by a Toshiba laptop and bq Curie tablet, which runs Android Jelly Bean.

He keeps his devices powered up with a portable solar charger. He said he bought his tablet with bitcoin and pays for his webstek’s hosting and domain registration services with the digital currency spil well.

Justas has bot publicly documenting his travels on r/Bitcoin, YouTube, his blog and Twitter. The thread he commenced on r/Bitcoin, where he posts spil PureApeshit, has attracted more than 200 comments.

Redditors have even tipped him with the reddit bitcoin tipping bot after reading about his practices. Justas projects a zany, carefree but philosophical persona through his online material. For example, he blogged on 6th December:

“Freedom is why I am homeless. feeding myself from trash/wilderness is lots of joy. I cannot even imagine going through the tedious and abominable process of shopping.”

His YouTube movies often feature detailed footage of street cats, but also include tutorials on scavenging for food ter a city, programming and logo vormgeving. The itinerant redditor says that he scavenges to sustain and turns down to beg. He posted on reddit:

“I never beg and would feel very evil to do so.”

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Justas discovered bitcoin through the very forum where he presently posts about his practices. He said:

“I got into bitcoin through reddit. I very first heard about it from the Piratebay creators, but spil far spil I understood back ter 2009, it wasgoed something to pay for movies and such so I didn’t investigate it more. I ventured to the bitcoin subreddit and my mind wasgoed deepthroated away. banks were a anguish te the butt for a homeless person, so I instantaneously embraced bitcoin!”

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The bitcoin community on reddit shows up to be embracing him back. Besides receiving bitcoin tips from the tipping bot, redditors have written te support of Justas’ nomadic lifestyle. One redditor wrote:

“Anyhow, just live your life however you want man, rock on.”

Justas said he is publicly documenting his practices online to create a community of “pioneers” who would adopt a nomadic way of life spil he has. He created the r/homelesstribe subreddit for that purpose.

Bitcoin has impacted the homeless elsewhere spil well. Te Florida, a homeless charity named Sean’s Outpost is thriving after it embarked accepting bitcoin.

Justas said he is programma to travel to Tahiti to indulge te his hobby of free-diving. Free-diving requires the diver to hold his or hier breath underwater until resurfacing. No breathing apparatus is used.

Justas claims he can free-dive for up to four minutes. The current free-diving record, te terms of time, is Ten minutes and five seconds, according to Wikipedia.

“[Tahiti] has volmaakt weather, not too many people and excellent diving conditions,” he said te a Skype talk.

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