How to build a scrypt

How to build a scrypt

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32 thoughts on &ldquo,How to build a scrypt/ethereum mining equipment framework&rdquo,

Make sure the pipes dont leak. Lol

How much are the materials te total?

Do the same with pvc or cpvc water pipe for better strength.

bro tes un imbecile a scier du pvc dans lade salle den jeux den ton enfant

Used it twice, had to use glue tho, the tubes I got didn’t stay waterput alone. Fine vormgeving for 5-7 cards and Two PSUs

Why don’t people just use the racks with the metal grills. U just buy it from Target or Walmart and that’s it. Why spend time to build a framework lol this shit ain’t worth my time.

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Thanks a loterijlot that helped mij a lotsbestemming

Good informative video…thanks

I love when you smacked the tripod while cutting ?? it wasgoed cool ??

brainy dude! cheerz.

how did you connect Two power supply’s at 1 equipment and how both o them run at the same time

LOL and if by chance you need to budge your equipment anywhere around then your f*** Stick a schap of wood undernieth before u attemp to budge it around nevertheless it does do the job, Dont leave behind the schap of wood and two studs.

did you use screw to set the motherboard?

hey master, i have done the rack like you did. can you tell mij how do you waterput the motherboard bewteen the pipes? i mean what did you use to set it there? thanks alot.

You can learn more about it on woodprix webstek I think.

thnx bro, what r the dimensions?

I am going to build a equipment using thesis pipes etc quick question can you give mij a listig to the pipes you used, only have a screwfix onmiddellijk here, and well they sell Two types and not sure which to buy, the stud wasgoed fairly neerbuigend tbh, thanks

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Nice mate, well done and thank you for sharing!

nice! interesting idea i see, would love to attempt it soon. just quick question, how long is the pcie x1 to x16 riser you are using te this movie? going to get some, dont want to be shortage on pcie riser length soon

HI,how work all craphics card together,what driver need or have to set up on BIOS ? please Help or need marionette the card,I have got, 1x asus amd r9 280x,1x shaphire amd r9 280x,1x power color amd r9 280x and OS windows 7

ah ok. so I’m using the asrock h81 voor btc motherboard with a elementary 1150 chip set. 8gb ram ddr3, 60 gb Kingston ssd drive. corsair 850w and 750w power supply. and then just mixed graphics cards. I tend to stick with r9 280 / 7970 or 7950 cards. a utter set up should cost you about 300 – 350 depending on your eBay bargain hunting abilities. gpu wise I attempt not to spend anymore than 130 vanaf card so total equipment cost is about ?1100.

well I’ve got a mix of windows Ten and ubuntu 15.04 and to be fair there isn’t a lotsbestemming ter it.

3 thoughts on “How to build a scrypt

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  2. Spil long spil you have access to those private keys te your bitcoin wallet you are ter control. Nobody can force you to do anything! Not even if this person has a robe and a gavel.

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