How to Buy Bitcoin: Everything You Should Know, InvestorPlace

How to Buy Bitcoin: Everything You Should Know, InvestorPlace

Arm yourself with all the facts regarding Bitcoin purchases and the titillating world of cryptocurrencies

By Josh Enomoto, InvestorPlace Contributor

Against a considerable torrent of criticism, bitcoin surged to become one of the most talked-about investments ter the world. Seemingly no one can get enough about the blockchain technology that underlines the cryptocurrencies. Having witnessed its mercurial profitability, people want to learn how to buy bitcoin. But before I get to that, I very first want to reaction the why.

The past year has bot nothing brief of explosive for bitcoin, and I mean that ter a bad way. After shortly touching the $Five,000 mark ter September, the famed cryptocurrency collapsed, eventually pulling down below $Trio,000 before climbing its way back up. Te November, BTC klapper about $7500 and reversed sharply down to $6500. Now it&rsquo,s trading near $8,200. Traditional investors aren&rsquo,t used to such violent see-saw behaviors ter their portfolio. Then again, traditional investments don&rsquo,t typically make 750% profits te a single year.

Overlooking the longer-term profitability potential, vooraanstaand folks like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon blasted bitcoin spil essentially a Ponzi scheme. The mistake that Dimon makes is conflating volatility with a market collapse. More critically, he turns down to acknowledge the key similarity that connects all bubble implosions te financial history.

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Whether wij&rsquo,re talking about Dimon&rsquo,s tulip mania example, the 2000 tech bubble, the 2006-2007 subprime housing depressie or the 2008 universal financial collapse, their respective theses were proven materially false.

A zonderling commodity wasgoed no longer zonderling. Authorities exposed companies with fake financials. A roaring wave of bad debt proved housing prices were unsustainable. Bubbles speelpop because the investment justification ceases to exist.

But bitcoin is more than just a speculatively-driven voertuig. Its blockchain technology has profound implications for numerous industries. Primarily, it can (and will) revolutionize finance and general transactions. To say that bitcoin&rsquo,s thesis is invalid is to woefully dismiss digitalization trends, such spil the Internet of Things.

Having addressed the &ldquo,why,&rdquo, let&rsquo,s now turn to how to buy bitcoin.

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The Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin

Coinbase is the most popular, and te my opinion, the easiest way to rail the blockchain revolution. Not only can you use numerous payment methods, you can also purchase alternative cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Litecoin. Anytime I come across the how to buy bitcoin question, I always point to Coinbase.

Unluckily, this digital-coin exchange company has a de-facto monopoly on the &ldquo,comĂșn&rdquo, process of acquiring cryptocurrencies. Spil a result, you want to be aware of certain conditions and requirements before diving te.

Very first, because of Coinbase&rsquo,s updated security protocols, signing up is more convoluted than when I very first joined the exchange. Te order to fully sign ter and have access to the podium&rsquo,s buying and selling features, you will need the following: smartphone, government-issued ID, and patience.

Your smartphone will act spil a necessary component ter the exchange&rsquo,s two-factor authentication (2FA) process. Some people may run into problems uploading their ID. If this occurs, make sure you&rsquo,ve downloaded the latest version of your internet browser. If that doesn&rsquo,t resolve the kwestie, attempt different browsers, or even different platforms.

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The 2nd major complaint with Coinbase is its poor customer service. By poor, I mean non-existent. The company primarily attempts to resolve your &ldquo,how to buy bitcoin&rdquo, inquiries through their FAQ section. Failing that, you can attempt their customer-service bot, which is more sintético than slim. If you truly, despairingly need human help, call a friend who knows computers. Gravely.

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