Mine Bitcoins from Android Phone! Earn 5-7$ a Day! Classic Cloud

Mine Bitcoins from Android Phone! Earn 5-7$ a Day! Classic Cloud

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Welcome to technology, redefined, so ter this movie [I] am going to demonstrate you how you can earn approximately Five to six dollar a day by doing nothing so For this you have to understand

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What is bitcoin if you already know skip this part? so Bitcoin is the online currency or you can say cryptocurrency so if you want to Understand what is bitcoin observe others movie or I will provide the verbinding te the description for the best movie to understand bitcoins so Now you have to make up the converter ter which you will receive [your] payment and from there You can transfer it zuivere to your bankgebouw account so very first of all you have to download an app only app pay so if you are from outside India you have [to] download an another app called coinbase or any other if you already have a bitcoin wallet [it’s] okay, but if you don’t have this is the best f for India So here it is so Today’s rate for Bitcoin is approximately six seven hundred dollars I think so Yeah, it’s approximately seven hundred dollars so now just close it so for this you need two things very first of all your high-end Android phone and basic requirement is 2GB ram good CPU like one point seven zero Hertz or good gpU if you don’t have this you have [to] [upgrade] your mobile or otherwise you will unless like three to four dollar a day, so [if] you are sated that is good, so now let’s go to the Main app now just go to play store spil Such for Bitcoin mine, and Swipe down here It is the app Called Bitcoin miner, so this is the app which works for mij You can see five strak So now just open that So now here it is called Bitcoin miner so now it will [mine], [the] bitcoin according to your gPU speed so now Here you have to configure it by logging to your mining pull configuration after [making] a bitcoin wallet wallet you have to go to this webstek Mining poll dot us here you have to create an account then waterput it overheen here That’s it after that you will just have to press [begin] So it will automatically embark te a few seconds just wait So here

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It’s providing mij like one point eight five two so you know you can see my screen [will] go to wedloop on so that is why it is providing mij a low speed but mine Militar State is like Five to six Kilo pony You can search process So now just waterput your phone or while you sleep just embark this em and go to sleep and when you woke up you will see [the] Your money [a] your bitcoin wallet Which you have linked te this webstek, so take the screenshot guys This is the webstek Eu dot Multi pull trained us so here you have to create a fresh account and configure this Just loom out and lock this application And let it run ter background now your money will grow automatically So by this method you can earn five to six dollar a day and I am using it So today’s bitcoin boy rate is fifty nine point three nine one So to date before it wasgoed like $70,000 70,000 [it] $80 so I shall my bitcoins, so you can check the latest transaction Wij’re it Asia So here you can see my latest transactions Of sand my all the bitcoins So here you can see the receiving bitcoin address so here it is I have received [2000] Rupees a day From this mobile this is the admin to prime, but you can earn more So transient [hacks] for watching if you look like this movie don’t leave behind to druppel mij a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel Thanks boy, thanks for watching Want to witness more money and movie?

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  1. Also If I needed to I will pay them frecuente currency because if the value of bitcoins rose above my expected value I will be more than just sad.. haha

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