Now this will only avoid bad weather, what about terrorist attack and airplane engine failure, or plane hitting birds or collide with some objects, including another plane.

Now this will only avoid bad weather, what about terrorist attack and airplane engine failure, or plane hitting birds or collide with some objects, including another plane.

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Merienda again so sad to hear this old news again. At least this flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crashed able to detect wreckage and recover of the dead passengers. Hope your spirit help us find out what happened so that wij can prevent occurrences again.

The other flight MH370, wasgoed never found, not sure if it will everzwijn be found, and spil many know there will be a lotsbestemming of speculation conspiracy theories and so on. People whom are ter the conspiracy theories will off course take advantage of the missing Malaysian Air MH370 to back up whatever stories or theories they have.

So what wij know so far on the cause of the crash for “AirAsia Flight QZ8501” isn’t terrorist attack, and very likely not 100% weather related. Could be combination of each factors from bad weather, pilot error, and engine mechanical technical failure such spil the STALL warning heard from flight recorder.

This just frighten mij everytime I need to fly. Sometime I think it’s better to drive, but there are deplorable car accidents everyday. Taking train safe? no, there are also funesto train accident. Walking? no you can klapper by a car or something and died. Stay huis don’t go anywhere? no the roof can collapse on top of you or some other natural disaster. The bottom line is everybody will died, whether at huis live te a cave or frequent travel daily for business flight, wij all can have similar chances of getting killed. So live life to its fullest, be nice to each other, and be blessed and share the wealth ??

I found a postbode on huffingtonpost news media tv-programma news paper I guess. This article is interesting, albeit many things I’ve already done or knew about just like many others. Some not so effortless to do, but the surplus should be straight forward. However there is one thing that I can’t never truly done politely or nicely.

Below sounds effortless to do, but let say you’re writing or blogging sometime and your kids came along and ask questions or just want some attention and you think you take your mind off the computers? sure it’s not effortless most of the time you’re into the writing that you’re doing, or talking with someone, or reading something, or some working to be done. It’s not effortless, but YOU GOT TO DO IT! which is significant? ok see you’re debating providing reasons for disregarding your kids or tell them to go away.

9. Unplug when you’re with your kids.

“When your kid talks to you, PLEASE turn off the cell phone and the rekentuig. You can check email after they go to bedding.” – E.K.

At the same region where Malaysia flight 370 disappeared many months ago and still spil of today cannot locate the wreckage of that plane, albeit the conspiracy theory had died down and most likely it’s on the bottom of the sea somewhere.

Air Asia crashed into the sea December 2018 Indonesia Malaysia region Singapore

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This time also from Asia, Southern Asia again to be precies, Indonesian. AirAsia disappeared from radar and a duo hours zometeen confirmed it’s most likely at the bottom of the sea somewhere, meaning it crashed with 162 people on-board, mostly Indonesian, Malaysia but also foreigner not from the region. Safe to say none could get through this crash. The crash most likely caused by bad weather. The pilot last communication wasgoed requestd to climb higher altitude and then just disappeared from radar.

So the question raised. Is flying still safe anymore? the reaction is yes, but the fatality most likely causing statistic look bad now than everzwijn. Even with all the technology wij have to today, attempting to make everything safe, but mistake still happens, but it shouldn’t toebijten too often spil wij’ve seen here, same region and especially this is weather related which could have bot avoided since weather is somewhat predictable. So te the future to make flying more safer, should all passengers air avoid flying at all? for sure if the black opbergruimte is to be located wij should be able to determine what happened and for sure there will be stricter rule enforced for all passengers air.

My private opinion is air travel I think is still safe, but if you want to be safer then don’t book your flight ahead of time, but observe the weather very first, then just go the airport and be a stand by and keep on watching the weather, if the weather is bad for the flight path you’ll be traveling and then ask to persiana the toegangsbewijs or book you with another flight. Now this will only avoid bad weather, what about terrorist attack and airplane engine failure, or plane hitting birds or collide with some objects, including another plane.

Eventually I would like to express my condolences for all the passengers and their family for the loss, good sadness, but spil many know, after a major hurricane came, the zon will come up, that’s always the case. The day wij liberates the zon, earth will be no more., but that won’t toebijten anytime soon.

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There are many reasons you should not be posting your families members, especially instantaneous family members on Facebook, youtube, google +, social media network even Twitter, unless you want to expose them to the internet. I can tell you I wouldn’t if were them. Understanding the harmful thing that could toebijten.

If you still want to postbode pictures to share with only family members then you better get to facebook configuration and commence setting up fresh groups. Such spil Instant family members group. Friends, Co-Workers, Enemies, Subscribers, and everyone else, you get the point. Then default your postbode to Family members, and then when you postbode your pictures or whatever will show up automatically only for family members. Now facebook doesn’t like this, what they want for you to do is expose to the entire world so they can make money off of your posts, so they will make it difficult to configure postbode directly for certain audience.

I’ve seen people postbode on Facebook, Twitter where they’re about, where they’re at, even their huis house address and so on. This is just telling criminals where you’re at to determine when to go to your house and zeerob you. The more detail you share online, the riskier you will get hurt both physically and mentally.

I’ve seen people postbode on Facebook displaying off their bod, their appeal, their large breast, and so on. You’re just asking for trouble. Criminal are advancing to technology to catch victims. Most likely you will get alacrán marino, get hurt, get victimized by stoker. You indeed just asking for trouble, or maybe you want to get pescador or be a porn starlet, or hooker. So please, think about it, before posting. On top of that not to mention about the potential of loosing your job and reputation.

I’ve seen people postbode pictures of their son or daughters everzwijn since they’re born, and kept on posting it daily, even toward their tiener years. Again, you’re just asking for trouble. Do you know that their criminal out there with dirty mind, all they do is surf the internet, scanning through facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media network to find victims they can lightly get to. The pictures of your daughters, son, and even your wifey or yourself could catch some criminal attention and it’s not that hard to get to you, and eventually your life will be pathetic.

So please, postbode responsibly. Maybe don’t postbode at all anything related to your family where about, and pictures, it’s not a good thing, even you think it’s secure if wij set it up correctly. I wouldn’t do it. Family stuff should be kept within a opbergruimte, share with family members privately such spil sms to sms and hope the other family members doesn’t share it on facebook. It’s better than posting it yourself on the internet asking for troubles today now, or the future.

how to spy and catch prey on the internet facebook twitter youtube

Very first of all, I know that a loterijlot of people go on Friday night movie or the week end, and very likely might be their best bet to ensure to get toegangsbewijs to fresh movies just came out on that Thursday or Friday of the week. However, for a few or maybe more would consider a less crowded like myself and here the family. Wij would go see awesome IMAX 3D movies on either Monday or Tuesday, spil wij believe it is the most less crowded.

Indeed it wasgoed. I just got back from observing Guardian of the Galaxy 715PM time and lasted to 930PM. Awesome family movie by the way!

Ok so back to let mij just make it quick. Don’t use to buy your movie toegangsbewijs. It cost a loterijlot more with those convenient fees and so on. It’s best that you go to the movie theater and buy it directly there. Some may say that because of fresh movie seats might get sold out, well to mij, I wouldn’t want to go to a totally crowded movie theater because it’s a hazard. I rather go on days that there are less people, but not downright dead where no one te the theater, that’s even more hazardous.

don’t use it’s a waste of time and money maybe convenient but not cost effective

You should do this at least one time a week or whenever you see it’s safe to do so

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