Satoshi Miner for PC and MAC

Satoshi Miner for PC and MAC

Dedicated dev, superb spel Indeed addictive spel which i think is almost a hand-eye-coordination, memory, speed, skill spel. Could call it a brain spel. Upgrade your pick to smash rocks and collect gems worth more. Value fluctuates by spel. Idk if it is based on the ratio that randomly generate. Its a excellent spel, and there aren’t too many good games that your points add up to actually money. Check out their other apps spil well. If you don’t receive payment voeling them they will take care of you.

How to use Satoshi Miner for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC rekentuig. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don’t need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn’t free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this listig.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation verkeersopstopping with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Merienda Bluestacks is installed add your Google account te it.
  • Type Satoshi Miner ter Search folder and install it.

Now you can use Satoshi Miner on your PC or MAC.

It works well It takes a few days to a week to begin off but merienda you get upgrades it’s kleintje of joy. The main problem that I have is the payout system for what you mine. Sometimes gold is worth Five satoshi and other times it’s worth 9 satoshi. The ads are nice ter that they don’t waste too much of your time like other apps. I don’t know for sure yet if they actually pay you. I shall update te about a week.

Joy and trustworthy, thanks! Not only that this spel is joy to play, but it also provides with the Bitcoins you withdraw te at least a day due to powerful geyser on the wallet with other transactions (according to the payment note I received). The only problem however is the grammar which isn’t much of a big overeenkomst and no reminders or whatsoever so I can come back te the right time. Also, Judging by the other reviews about low payouts I could say that this app comparing to other faucets is providing a fair amount if you permanently play!

Ter the old days maybe they were paying.NOW THEY ARE NOT. I asked for a payment 6 days ago and i receive nothing. Playstore needs even thesis scams, thats the reason wij can still download this fraud app. READ users review before you download something who claims that will give “money”for playing. READ latest reviews dont bother with the old reviews. Ten days and nothing received

Awful, awful “spel” If you have the IQ of a two-year-old then you will like this spel. Spil for the bitcoin payouts: wij’re talking the omschrijving of pennies for hours of playing. If you value your time so little, then go ahead! Bear te mind that the pennies won’t even voorkant the reserve electrical play to charge your device.

Payout (the most crucial facet) time is uncertain. My 1st and 2nd withdrawal pays at around Two weeks after request, while the 3rd withdrawal already into the 3rd week today and still have not receive it. Without payout, the otherwise effortless to use spel, is worthless. I will not play this spel anymore until I have receive my payout.

Fine app This app is effortless to use and effortless to earn satoshi ter a few days but after I already collected Ten,000 satoshi I successfully withdrawn it into my account. I checked my account to verify if the coins wasgoed already received but no notification that I received a btc. Please help mij with this problem I rate you Five strak and promote your app if solved. Thankyou.

Payment not Received I toevluchthaven’t received my very first 10k satoshi yet since the last day i requested it. The App is joy, but should waterput more informatie about withdrawal request. “Like how long it will take” . Status ya know, Something like that. Come on guys! U know what i mean?

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Don’t waste time. I have installed and uninstalled and has entered email numerous times but never got a confirmation email to activate account. I bet they make money by making you witness ads but because the app is crap you will literally just cut the loss and unclaimed Satoshi goes ter their own pocket.

U think providing us Ten to 50 satoshi even ter cents that wasgoed far tooo low. Its will take a year only to get 20000 satoshi. A cent work for a I give u one dollar right noww.for this crap app.

did not receive my very first 10k satoshi i love playing the spel and the mining wasgoed a joy. but i withdraw my very first 10000satoshi but i could not find it te my wallet. i want to know how long will it take? please credit my wallet and i will rate five starlet and also share with my pals. where is my wallet address ( 1BFQ4bB873y89n3JJ7qGpWgRUndph7ikS5)

Love This Spel I Love This spel, indeed adictive and joy.. It can give you quick satoshi if you upgrade it. I make my very first withdraw request just 1 day after I commence use this spel. It’s bot Five day since I make my withdraw request, but finaly some bitcoin arive te my wallet. I hope it can be quicker.

Upgrade failure I have upgraded the pick-axe three times now. Merienda upgraded i play for duo hours and then it goes back to lowest pickaxe. I shouldn’t have to keep dumping my profits to upgrade!!

Liked it for now coz got 60,000 just now. Atleast paid mij Nice spel but so slow ter paying. I received my very first Two withdrawals. I embarked my next 6 withdrawals last december Legal but still no payment spil of today, dec 26, 2018. Please be active when paying users.

Kinda joy but lots of limitations I love the spel play and the fact you can get bitcoins from the spel. However only being able to do Three brief rounds every ten minutes and the fact upgrades only last a few hours kinda make it a wash to play for anything but joy every now and then. It would be nice if the upgrades were voortdurend and/or payouts were larger.

No cashout I downloaded this on my phone and when I inject my email address to confirm, it never sends mij an email to get a confirmation code. So I am not able to inject my bitcoin address to metselspecie out.

Uninstalled I w/draw last 1 week w/ 10k+ satoshi but still right now did not get any satoshi ter my wallet i wasgoed thinking right now if this is ligit or not scam why i did not get my satoshi. I love this apps but uninstall by not paying what i earn te the games

Excellent spel but. Sent an email to the address the company left te the reviews. It is undeliverable. I checked the adfress twice. So spel is a scam and I am reporting them to Google Apps. Done with this company.

Toevluchthaven’t recieved a confirmation code It’s a fine spel but everytime I attempt to send a confirmation code to my email I get nothing. Would like to get paid out. Will rate Five starlets if immobile

Cool but delayed payment I just withdrew 10000 satoshi but can’t see anything on my bitcoin wallet! How long does it take before it comes up?

Payout is utterly slow but can make 10000 satoshi a day merienda get 1250 for pickaxe and Two sec add. I alternate with bit coin popper spel identical play different graphics. Add te paid books webpagina and there’s no waiting. One drawback is slower ISP makes each round replay 2x 2nd not mattering, just play 1 round each spel alternating to avoid.

Can’t sign up Well so far can’t sign up I waterput my email te and it say check email then I go to email and. no email received, I have read typed it overheen and overheen and checked my spam mail too but still nothing

chunk of crap total of ads it take weeks to build up 10000 satoshi which is equal to $0.07 only dont download

Not bad, can generate around 10k Satoshi vanaf day using upgrades. Needs a withdrawl & payout status loom, will give Five starlets if that gets added. Total recieved 80k Satoshi.

Joy This spel is indeed joy, is this spel still paying? I toevluchthaven’t got my very first 10000k withdrawal. How long does it take to arrive to my wallet? I’ll zekering mining till I got them.

Nice spel Joy spel and at the same time you earn. I’ve waited to get my very first payment before i rate. It took more than 24hours from the time i withdraw but i got it on mij wallet. Keep it up.

Joy but not good payout It doesn’t tell you until you buy the upgrades that they are times and makeshift. waiting Ten minutes inbetween plays makes the upgrades worthless. but the spel itself is joy and effortless.

Don’t waste your time No transaction made. It is not paying. This app is a scam. Total waste of time.

Fine spel. The only thing is the server it’s running off is slow and keeps disconnecting.

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This is a fcking scam. It’s bot a week and I still toevluchthaven’t received my satoshi. Don’t waste your gegevens and time.

Boring and unrewarding for time spent. On a previous version I diddnt get paid but I did straks. The kwestie is this: with invested points you only about pauze even and there isn’t an omzichtig system. Overall the spel just gets tedious after a while. You truly don’t get boosted by effort spil alot of times you don’t even get 1 diamond on the screen so 999 isn’t worth it.

100% fake app, I played and reached to withdrawl amount( I loved playing tho’) but its bot Five days I toevluchthaven’t got anything. Other apps takes maximum Five days to send. They do not have any option where you can see withdrawal status or history of your previous transactions. If you want to waste time and just play, then download it.THIS APP DOES NOT PAY!! Also contacted to their developer on the email given below, no reply. Fake fake fake!!

Ald70 I have withdrawn Ten,000 satoshi Five days ago but until now, I toevluchthaven’t receive anything. I also have sent message to your email but no reply.

Bad admins. I claimed, but not reach payment even after four weeks. Where is my prize for spending time with you.

It deducted 2x the price Pls help. I like the spel however it keeps on deducting 2x the price when i buy the pickax upgrate Two.. while the amount of time given is tbe frecuente Five hours. Pls fix it.. its not effortless to get 999 satoshi you know. 22/11 still did not received my payout. made withdrawal 2x but still havent receive it almost Two weeks already.

Not paying out. Whats has gone wrong they have stopped payouts

I made my payment request but still I could not find any satoshi ter my account but spel is good so if this spel credit satoshi te my account dennenboom I would love to give Five starlet to eettafel app If it stating providing payouts I will give Five strak but still waiting for my payment ter my bitcoin account

Lost mined coins I wasgoed liking this spel but after upgrading pick axe and mining a heap of coins, they all of a sudden disappeared, having to begin again. Also, I’ve entered email a few times and still no confirmation code has bot sent.

Wheres my satoshi!! Scam!! 36TMBziup9yD4VdsgA6LSpPvm8Msi5TGnB thats my wallet address. If u dont send mij my 10k satoshi i will curse u

Ok App faucet yg lumayan menghibur. Jd ga boring. Tp klo bs skin nya diupgrade jd 1 session 3x kesempatan misal nya Trio lokasi tambang yg beda2. Jd ky ada story nya gt

Mining Your Gold! Join with your Bitcoin wallet address and embark to collecting free Bitcoin.- Create Bitcoin wallet- Open Satoshi Miner App- Signup with your Bitcoin wallet address- Login and embark playing game- Collect Satoshi

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