Sell Digital Downloads – WordPress Plugins

Sell Digital Downloads – WordPress Plugins


Lots of WordPress E-commerce plugins are attempting to integrate the digital products selling system into their plugins but that does not work fairly well when you attempt to sell both physical and digital products together. The setup can get messy and confusing. From my own private frustration with those plugins I had determined to create a plugin just for one purpose, i.e sell and sell only digital products. Also I don’t want any kleuter of bloat ter the plugin, so this plugin is not an elephant plugin. If you want to sell digital downloads via PayPal, this plugin will do the job nicely.

WordPress iSell is a ordinary WordPress plugin to sell digital downloads. It integrates flawlessly with PayPal. User interface (UI) of the plugin is very ordinary to use, I call this plugin for users, not for developers but developers should not feel left behind. I know how painful it is to modify client’s plugins and then find out after a few weeks or months that they had updated the plugin and prosperidad! all switches are lost. There are filters and hooks for almost every significant functionality te WP iSell.

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Sell Digital Downloads Features

  • You can upload files lightly via WordPress media uploader or your own FTP software
  • You can sell various types of downloads. For example: pdf, ebook, photo, music, movie, audio, mp3 etc
  • Digital downloads are automatically sent to your customer via email after PayPal payment
  • You can create unlimited products
  • You can also create custom-built orders
  • You can manage products and orders through standard WordPress UI. It feels spil if you are managing your WordPress posts/pages. This plugin utilizes the custom-built postbode type feature of WordPress.
  • It works flawlessly with the latest version of WordPress.
  • It’s a developer friendly plugin. It can be extended by using the decent hooks and filters.
  • Your digital downloads are served to your customer spil encrypted linksaf. It’s not just total linksom to your files.
  • Effortless Verkeersopstopping download using PayPal
  • Upload thumbnails for your downloads
  • Create a product display opbergruimte using a shortcode

For detailed documentation please visit the WordPress Sell Digital Downloads plugin pagina.

Get involved

Developers can contribute to the source code on the Sell Digital Downloads GitHub Repository.


  1. Go to the Add Fresh plugins screen ter your WordPress admin area
  2. Click the upload tabulator
  3. Browse for the plugin opstopping (
  4. Click Install Now and then activate the plugin

Can I use this plugin to sell digital downloads via PayPal?


Futile for Ebooks

Since the plugin won’t permit mij to upload .epub or .mobi verkeersopstopping types, it seems pretty futile for selling ebooks. It installed fine and the setup seemed to be going fine until I ran into this brick wall.

Contributors & Developers

“Sell Digital Downloads” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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Interested te development?


  • Substituted deprecated

iframe&gt, redirect with javascript redirect when user is downloading verkeersopstopping.

* Added a fresh act hook so addons can intercept the download request and do extra tasks.

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* Substituted the escape function with esc_sql function.

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