The Best Way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin te Canada

The Best Way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin te Canada

Te my initial postbode, I wrote on how to buy the Three mainstream coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin) te the fastest way without going through a hassle of getting verified and sharing your individual informatie.

But it has a downside if you want to buy more than $250 ter a week because of its initial weekly limit. Then what did I use to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin that are more than $250 vanaf week with a peace of mind, not worrying that my transaction will fail or I will lose my money?

I used QuadrigaCX and this is the bread-and-butter.

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Thesis guys are effortless to use, secure and reliable.

Before I purchased cryptocurrency, I personally did research and I am glad that I found about thesis guys. I NEVER had a single problem with thesis guys. Albeit you have to do verification, the process is effortless to do and you will get verified within a few days. If you are going to buy cryptocurrency on an ongoing fundament, this is a better choice than Coinbase.

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  • 8 different types of funding options which means you can pick the best choice that suits your need the best
  • Very competitive fees
  • Instant purchase available by using your Debit Card (INTERAC Online). This is very convenient because you don’t even need to listig your canap account. After you are re-directed to your online banking, the transaction can be done instantly.
  • Possible to waterput limit buy and sell: You can set a condition so that your order will get fulfilled ONLY IF the condition is met.
  • Example: Let’s say Bitcoin is $5200 CAD at the uur, but you would like to buy when it’s $5100 CAD and you do not want to look at the pc screen all day until the price drops to $5100. You can use their Trade tabulator to do this.
  • You can convert the coins into fiat money, if you want to withdraw your money
    • Initial verification can take upto a few days. But if you will be making numerous purchases, it is well worth the wait. You only need to do the verification merienda.
    • Old schoolgebouw Debit Card is required for INTERAC Online. They do not accept the fresh style debit cards with Visa or Mastercard logo on it.

    But it’s not a big problem. Call your canap’s call center and ask them to mail you the old style debit card without the logo. They thought I wasgoed a weirdo but cheerfully sent mij one.

    • No live talk support: I never had any problem but they are always available on email support if you everzwijn need any help.

    So which buying option should I use?

    • If you want to waterput te a lumpsum money into cryptocurrency ter a few days, use Wire Transfer. It takes 3-4 days and there is NO Toverfee from QuadrigaCX. Your canap will charge you a petite amount however. My bankgebouw charged mij $30 vanaf transfer.

    $30 can seem like a loterijlot, but ter case of putting a lumpsum money (e.g. $3000), the toverfee is truly cheap because it’s only 1%! Now what if you were putting $6000? It’s then 0.5% only.

    • If you are buying less than $2000 vanaf day, use INTERAC Online. Waiting for old schoolgebouw debit card, spil mentioned above, is not the best thing, but it is worth the wait because the transaction toverfee is only 1.5%. However, there is a ondergrens charge of $Five vanaf transaction, so if you are buying less than $300, Coinbase might be a better option for you. If interested, check out this postbode.

    This webstek is the bread and butter if you want to buy more than $250 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin vanaf week.

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    If you found this postbode to be helpful and will use QuadrigaCX, sign up by clicking HERE for my referral verbinding ??

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