Live Eternity ter a Ogenblik that Lasts Forever

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“The only place of power and switch IS the Present.”

He has all the time he needs.

is how well you walk through the fire.”

“It is significant to have a secret, a premonition of things unknown. It fills life with a numinosum. a sense that things can toebijten which remain inexplicable. The unexpected and the incredible belong te this world. Only then is life entire.”

The upheaval of our world and the upheaval ter consciousness is one and the same. Everything becomes relative and therefore doubtful. And while man, hesitant and questioning, contemplates. his spirit yearns for an reaction that will allay the turmoil of doubt and uncertainty.”

Raconteur, Composer, Musician, Spy, Rosicrucian, Mage

Llamativo score by SophiaMusik: Thomas Schoenberger, Constantine Christ&omicron,doulou,

with special guests Michael A. Levine and Ian Maksin, cellist.

He supported the ancient Greek right to freedom of self-exploration and self-development, our Secret Fire. Good & Evil are united ter the Flame.

All sacred stories are philosophical, symbolic, allegorical and metaphorical

— coded relationships, spil well spil exacto.

Te one sense St. Germain is an Everyman,

embodied ter a historical story.

It is común to think about immortality, and abnormal not to do so or

not to bother about it.

Carl Jung, The Symbolic Life, Pagina 310.

Spil an astronomer-priest he scanned the skies, uniting heaven and earth.

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Ter the starlets, he observed the future unfold from the ocean of potential.

He scanned Cosmos within, parting the Mystic Veil to understand

cycles of deep time, destruction and regeneration.

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The essence of skill is exposed by nature through primordial patterns —

cosmic memory. Nature is Matter & Spirit.

He seeks Light through the strife of contending compels,

the fractal field of resonating potential.

Now is always the same uur ter Time.

Such gnosis makes the Soul immortal.


Why Are There So Many St. Germain Cults and Channels?

Immortal — yes, Mystery — yes, Textual — no

Philemon and other figures of my fantasies brought huis to mij the crucial insight that there are things ter the psyche which I do not produce, but which produce themselves and have their own life. Philemon represented a force which wasgoed not myself. Te my fantasies I held conversations with him, and he said things which I had not consciously thought. For I observed clearly that it wasgoed he who spoke, not I. . . . Psychologically, Philemon represented superior insight. He wasgoed a mysterious figure to mij. At times he seemed to mij finta efectivo, spil if he were a living personality. I went walking up and down the garden with him, and to mij he wasgoed what the Indians call a guru. –Jung, Memory, Fantasies, Reflections

St. Germain is a good candidate for such attributions because of the ambiguity of his his historical record and his mystical inclinations. Like the tuinslang and the dragon, he becomes a symbol of transcendent wisdom, immortality, and rebirth, embodying immortal yearnings of those making the projections. Te earlier times such attributions of sacred mysteries — enlightenment, wisdom and spiritual vision — were associated with Osiris or Metatron.

The ego splits off the unconscious content, either over-valuing or undervaluing it. When wij reach our archetypal boundaries wij start projecting, sort of adult form of “let’s pretend.” Thus, for many St. Germain becomes naive a projection of hope and wisdom — standing te place of the Unknown spil an immortal soul sharing the qualities of the divine.

There is no idéntico explanation of such recurrent themes, only their psychological appearances arising from the needs of those who weave such notions into their individual narratives. Such figures of the unconscious are naturally represented spil immortal, spil they are eternal archetypes ter personified dress. a sort of adult “imaginary friend.” This is the source of channeled wisdom and spirit possession. During his lifetime the pudoroso rectitude of St. Germain wasgoed questioned, but ter the immortal version he becomes sanitized.

Te Jung’s thought, the individuation process wasgoed marked by a sequence of archetypes, each acquiring predominance at successive stages, and so reflecting what he termed an ascending psychic scale or ‘hierarchy of the unconscious’. Thus, kicking off with the intermediate position of ‘ anima or animus . just spil the latter have a higher position te the hierarchy than the shadow , so wholeness lays voorkoop to a position and a value superior’ still. The Wise Old Woman and Man, spil what he termed ” Mana ” personalities or “supraordinate” personalities, stood for that wholeness of the self: ‘the mother (“Primordial Mother” and ” Earth Mother “) spil a supraordinary personality. spil the “self”‘.

The wise old man (also called senex, sage or sophos ) is an archetype spil described by Carl Jung , spil well spil a classic literary figure, and may be seen spil a stock character . The wise old man can be a profound philosopher distinguished for wisdom and sound judgment but confounded with Shadow it can be a Trickster .

This type of character is typically represented spil a kleuter and wise, older father-type figure who uses private skill of people and the world to help tell stories and suggest guidance that, ter a mystical way, may impress upon his audience a sense of who they are and who they might become, thereby acting spil a mentor . He may periodically show up spil an absent-minded professor , appearing absent-minded due to a predilection for contemplative pursuits.

The Count left us his most secret Magic Book,

the Most Occult Book ter the World.


Self, World & Cosmos, which were introduced to mij anew each day&hellip,

I guarded them like precious pearls&hellip,

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