The Very first U

The Very first U

Coinbase, a startup backed by $106 million ter investor funding, has opened the very first bitcoin exchange inwards U.S. borders, the Wall Street Journal reports. The fresh venture is to the very first to let users buy and sell bitcoin with a company based ter the United States.

Coinbase has previously found success spil one of the more consumer friendly bitcoin wallets and payment platforms. Consumers could buy and sell bitcoins from Coinbase, which would ter turn purchase the coins from other exchanges and store them on the customer’s behalf. The company has also partnered with companies like Dell (and MONEY’s parent company, Time Inc.) to facilitate bitcoin purchases by acting spil a middleman and converting bitcoins to metselspecie.

Now Coinbase is coming in the exchange market spil well, and hoping to provide legitimacy and security that foreign competitors have lacked. Mt. Gox, a Japanese exchange that merienda treated 70% of all bitcoin transactions, lost almost $500 million ter bitcoins ter a hacking attack and closed te 2018. Te January 2018, UK-based exchange Bitstamp announced it lost almost $Five million when its wallet system wasgoed breached. Thesis and similar incidents have inspired fresh bitcoin regulatory proposals, a warning from the Consumer Financial Protection Lessenaar, and the mistrust of non-enthusiasts.

Coinbase has attempted to allay thesis fears by winning government support and advertising its safety features. The company has spent about year working to sate regulators, according to the journal, and Coinbase says its customers’ bitcoins are insured against theft.

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But regulatory approval may soon become more difficult for bitcoin businesses like Coinbase. Fresh York State Department of Financial Services superintendent Laatstgeborene Lawsky has championed his BitLicense program spil a fresh and more stringent way of regulating bitcoin businesses. That program is still under development and is expected to influence bitcoin regulation nationwide.

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Coinbase is not the only company interested te beginning a U.S. exchange. Earlier this week, the Winklevoss twins announced their own exchange, called Gemini, that would work with American banks and be “fully regulated.”


So far, the markets have responded favorably to Coinbase’s announcement. Bitcoin’s dollar price is up 7% at press time.

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Correction: A previous version of this article reported the Wall Street Journal’s optie that Coinbase had achieved regulatory approval te 24 states, including Fresh York and California. That article has bot updated to reflect that Coinbase is working to receive regulatory approval and this article has bot updated to reflect that switch.

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