Ultra-violet Index (UVI) UV Index value averaged overheen the past hour.

Ultra-violet Index (UVI) UV Index value averaged overheen the past hour.

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There are two types of APIs on gegevens.gov.sg. One provides you with access to static tabular gegevens such spil time series or listings (aka CKAN APIs), while the other provides you with access to real-time datasets such spil weather and traffic conditions.

If you are using the APIs listed here, please review the Terms of Service, and the Singapore Open Gegevens Licence.

Real-time APIs

There are presently 14 real-time APIs on gegevens.gov.sg that provide you with gegevens ranging from taxi availability to waether forecasts. Below is a list of all real-time APIs on gegevens.gov.sg.

Carpark Availability

Get the latest carpark availability ter Singapore: – Retrieved every minute – Use the date_time parameter to retrieve the latest carpark availability at that ogenblik ter time – Detailed carpark information can be found at https://gegevens.gov.sg/dataset/hdb-carpark-information – Limited to 60 requests vanaf minute vanaf API key

Realtime Weather Readings across Singapore

NEA provides APIs for readings of temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind conditions at up to one-minute intervals. The gegevens is provided at weather-station level.

Ultra-violet Index (UVI)

UV Index value averaged overheen the past hour. Updated every hour inbetween 7 AM and 7 PM everyday.

Traffic Pictures

Comebacks linksaf to photos of live traffic conditions along expressways and Woodlands & Tuas Checkpoints.

Taxi Availability

For access to real-time taxi availability gegevens. Comes back location coordinates of all Taxis that are presently available for hire. Does not include “Hired” or “Busy” Taxis.

Regional hourly PM2.Five value measured te ?g/m3

Pollutant Standards Index (PSI)

Overall and regional PSI gegevens (24-hr PSI, 3-hr PSI, Pollutant Concentration and Sub-Index)

Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for next Two hours, next 24 hours and next Four days.


This is an alternative to the gegevens.gov.sg web interface, you can make use of the APIs provided by the CKAN software to access the catalogue of datasets on gegevens.gov.sg.

The API provides both RESTful and functional interfaces, all ter JSON format, making it suitable for a broad range of clients.

CKAN Resource Display

This API comes back the metadata of a resource on Gegevens.gov.sg

CKAN Datastore Search

This API permits you to search for gegevens ter a resource.

CKAN Package Display

This API comebacks the metadata of a dataset (package) and its resources

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